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​​​​Our Objectives​​

Our Main Objectives are to:

​(i)Regulate and control all radiation sources a​​nd practices for the adequate protection of people and the environment against the harmful effects of radiation, both now and in the future, and for the safety of practices and the security of radioactive sources;
​(ii)​​Create the conditions for the promotion of radiation safety and nuclear security culture;​​
​(iii)​Promote education, training, research and development in radiation safety and nuclear security;
​(iv)Be the point of contact for providing any information or assistance regarding nuclear or radiological emergencies under the terms of relevant international instruments, including the Convention on early notification of a nuclear accident and the convention on assistance in the case of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency and;
​(v)​Assist in fulfilling the obligations of Mauritius with regard to relevant international legal instruments ratified by it.​​​