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Regulatory ​Unit​​​​

Notification for the Possession and Use of a Radiation Source

Notification Form for the Possession and Use of Radiation Source

​​Application for Licence
Application Form for Licence
Guide for Application

Application for Renewal of Licence
Application Form for Renewal of Licence​​​
Details of Radiation Sources

Details of Radiation Workers

Application for Registration of a Radiation Source​

Application Form for the Registration of a Radiation Source
Application for a Permit for the Importation/Exportation of a Radiation Source

​MNS Subscriber - Account Registration Form

MNS Network Service Agreement

Application for Export Permit

Guidelines for the import and export of radiation source
​​Application Form for Registration as a Service Provider

Application Form for Registration as a Service Provider

RSNSA Service ​​Unit

​Personal Radiation Monitoring Service (PRMS)

Application Form f​or PRMS

​Application Form for Amendment to PRMS
Radiological Incident/Accident Notification

Radiological Incident/Accident Notification Form​​

Feedback and Suggestion​​

​Feedback and Suggestion Form